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  • XGMA CARE Algeria Visit

    Дата публикации:2013-10-11PM Посетитель:33

    The sun in the hot summer parched the earth, but high temperature still could not prevent XGMA going deep to the market and paying a return visit to the customers. On August 24, 2013, 5 members from XGMA CARE team, with their luggage after preparation, set out from Xiamen to Algeria in the North Africa for their trip of customer care. According to the statistics, for the brands of engineering mach...

  • XGMA Debuted In INTERMAT 2012

    Дата публикации:2012-04-16PM Посетитель:30

    On April 16, XGMA attended INTERMAT, one of the three international exhibitions of construction machinery - France international construction machinery exhibition. This exhibition gathers complete-set products and diversified equipment and components on the industrial chain from the world leading construction and industrial equipment manufacturers, and serves as a global platform for manufacturers...

  • XGMA CARE Visit to Indonesia

    Дата публикации:2011-12-17PM Посетитель:33

    Inspection and MaintenanceThe Team arrived on December 17, 2011 in Indonesia, the final leg of the tour. This is the strongest market of XGMA in the whole of Southeast Asia. XGMA delivered an accumulated total of 1,000 XGMA Machine units to capture 30% of the total market share. The Team which consisted of Chief Engineers of Excavators and Road Surface Equipment, Loading R & D Specialists and...

  • XGMA CARE Visit to Malaysia

    Дата публикации:2011-12-04PM Посетитель:20

    XGMA compactor with Malaysis FirstTechnician supportNew 4S shop under constructionXGMA ShowOn December 4, 2011, XGMA CARE Team visited the Malaysia. They organized a team of over ten personnel such as, Sales and Service Dealer Representatives, Product Manager, Marketing Personnel, Service Technicians of the International Marketing Business Department, the Designers of the Loader Operation device a...

  • Driven By Gratitude, Xgma Is Always At Your Side

    Дата публикации:2011-12-01PM Посетитель:21

    Southeast Asian Tour By: April Luo – XGMA International Marketing DepartmentIn the early part of the second semester of 2011 prior to her 60th anniversary, XGMA launched a series of activities of XGMA CARE. This was their tour of the XGMA distribution network in selected countries in the Southeast Asian Region. The team reached out to the customers through the dealers with the XGMA Core Values “Cr...

  • XGMA CARE Philippines Visit

    Дата публикации:2011-09-15PM Посетитель:22

    TRANSEQUIP and XGMA CARE Team in a quarry in MontalbanTRANSEQUIP and XGMA Team performing after-sales serviceXG932III Wheel Loader operating at a rice mill in Nueva EcijaXGMA CARE Team visited TRANSEQUIP a 4S Dealer in Manila, Philippines. The Team conducted training on operation with the Service Team of the dealer. Maintenance and common failures were discussed to improve handling of customer whi...

  • XGMA CARE Thailand Visit

    Дата публикации:2011-09-13PM Посетитель:27

    XGMA CARE TeamXGMA Super Long Arm Loader in operation at a Fertilizer PlantXGMA CARE Technician performing after-sales serviceThe XGMA CARE Team visited Thailand on September 13, 2011. Together with the local dealers, they organized a team of over ten personnel such as, Sales and Service Dealer Representatives, Product Manager, Marketing Personnel, Service Technicians of the International Marketin...

  • XGMA CARE Taiwan Visit

    Дата публикации:2011-08-15PM Посетитель:24

    XGMA CARE TeamXG918 Wheel Loader in operation at the Recycling Plant in YunlinThe first XGMA Wheel Loader in Taiwan which registered 5,000 hours trouble-freeXG530 Lifting a well shutterOn August 15, 2011, the XGMA Team with the participation of International Business Department, Wheel Loader Department, and Forklift Truck Department to Taiwan for the second stop of the tour of Southeast Asia. The ...

  • XGMA CARE Vietnam Visit

    Дата публикации:2011-07-28PM Посетитель:9

    On July 28, 2011, XGMA CARE was officially launched with Vietnam as the first leg in the itinerary. Members of the XGMA Wheel Loader Department, Road Construction Machinery Department and other excellent engineers comprised the team. The team drove to the base camp of dealers in Hanoi (Excado Vietnam Co., Ltd.) has been a partner of XGMA for over three years. They have comprehensive knowledge of X...