Brazil CONSTRUCTION EXPO 2013 Preview

On June 5thto 8th, XGMA will take part in CONSTRUCTION EXPO2013 at Immigrates Exhibition Center, Sao Paulo. CONSTRUCTION EXPOis one of the world's largest exhibitions for materials, services and equipmentfor the construction of buildings and infrastructure.

At this show, XGMA will display 12machines, including the new H series wheel loaders XG958H\XG935H, theexcavator XG822LC, the skidloader XG3080, the motor grader XG31802, the bulldozer XG4161L, the road rollerXG6102, the forklift XG530-LT2 and so on. XGMA will take an exhibitionarea of 1200m2 outdoors.

Nowadays, XGMAproducts have been pursued by the industry and buyers.XGMA have been able to keep No.1 wheel loader, grader and No.3 road roller marketshare of the entire china construction equipment brands.

Welcome friends to our XGMA Stand.