XGMA CARE Visit to Indonesia

Inspection and Maintenance

The Team arrived on December 17, 2011 in Indonesia, the final leg of the tour. This is the strongest market of XGMA in the whole of Southeast Asia. XGMA delivered an accumulated total of 1,000 XGMA Machine units to capture 30% of the total market share.
The Team which consisted of Chief Engineers of Excavators and Road Surface Equipment, Loading R & D Specialists and other Elite Personnel of XGMA, over the past ten days visited dealers and a number of users in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and Surabaya, the second largest city.  The Team gathered valuable data on product performance, service conditions, accessory management and problems encountered by users. The data will be used by the R&D Technicians for the adaptability of the XGMA products in local conditions.
Aside from visiting the major customers, the Team visited the three branches of the Dealer. This Dealer has strived to achieve an annual sales volume of 300 XGMA Machine units. All over Indonesia, the Dealer has a total of 12 branches, making it the largest Dealer in Southt East Asia. XGMA has become the most famous Chinese Construction Machinery Brand in Indonesia. The President of the Dealership noted that their customers are their intimate friends. The users purchase XGMA Machines to create more value. It is only when the benefits to users through customer care are satisfied could dealers likewise benefit as well. This is the value of “After-Sales Service”.  

With the support of the CCRE Group and the XGMA, every aspect of the XGMA CARE tour was implemented effectively. The Team made direct contact with the end users. They provided technical solutions, service and care of the equipment at site. They gathered valuable feedback from the market which could improve business procedures effectively, thus making the users truly satisfied. The Team brought to the Dealers and the users the Core Corporate Values of XGMA-“Creativity, Determination, Cooperation and Surpassing”.
To strengthen the Brand Image, XGMA CARE upgraded the standard in service care and personnel image through its first rate quality service during the Southeast Asian Tour.

Attached figure: This is the logo used by XGMA CARE during the tour. The image is surrounded by hands of people which reflects team spirit of XGMA and the dealers. The round figure represents its service care all over the world through its core values such as, Overall Service Experience and Positive Mentality to Thank the Customers of XGMA. The colors yellow blue and red signify the theme of harmony.