XGMA CARE Visit to Malaysia

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On December 4, 2011, XGMA CARE Team visited the Malaysia. They organized a team of over ten personnel such as, Sales and Service Dealer Representatives, Product Manager, Marketing Personnel, Service Technicians of the International Marketing Business Department, the Designers of the Loader Operation device and Engineers of the Loader Brake System from the XGMA Technical Center to visit the local customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Seremban.
The Team visited a user in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The user has two XG6121 Rollers. The user noted that he wanted to purchase two more XGMA Machines. The price advantage as well as the quality of XGMA products made him decide to buy more. He was also convinced by the strong after-sales support capabilities of the dealer in his area.  He is satisfied with his two XGMA Rollers which have registered 1,500 working hours trouble-free. The user labeled his machines with “MALAYSIA FIRST”.
The Team visited Malaysia from North to South. They met with dozens of satisfied customers in palm plantation, airport construction and road projects. These loyal customers noted that XGMA products are characterized with good quality, stable performance, timely and highly efficient after-sales service.
The XGMA CARE tour activity in Malaysia was quite a success as it strengthened the customers’ acceptance of the XGMA products and enhanced the trust and support of the dealers.