XGMA CARE Thailand Visit


XGMA Super Long Arm Loader in operation at a Fertilizer Plant

XGMA CARE Technician performing after-sales service

The XGMA CARE Team visited Thailand on September 13, 2011. Together with the local dealers, they organized a team of over ten personnel such as, Sales and Service Dealer Representatives, Product Manager, Marketing Personnel, Service Technicians of the International Marketing Business Department, the Designers of the Loader Operation device and Engineers of the Loader Brake System from the XGMA Technical Center to visit the local customers.
In a span of one week, the Team was able to visit the old and valued customers of XGMA in the West, Center, Mid-North East and North East Thailand for a distance covered of at least 4,000 km. They visited rice factories, fertilizer factories, feed factories. They visited more than ten of the largest customers who acquired the largest volume of XGMA machines in the entire region.
The Team visited a fertilizer factory in Kanchanaburi located in the western part of Thailand. It produces organic fertilizer. The user noted that he was satisfied with the quality of the machine and the after-sales service of the dealer. Because of this, he recommended XGMA brand to his friends in the industry. His factory owns three XG932III Standard Loaders which have registered an average of 1,000 working hours. Under the operating condition in the factory where there is heavy dust which is corrosive in nature, the Team advised the user to regularly check the air filter and lubricate/maintain the Wheel Loader.
Still in Kanchanaburi, the Team then visited a paper factory. Likewise, the user is a Valued Customer. Moreover, the customer is an influential personality in the locality. This customer owns two XG932III 2.2 cubic meter Hopper Loaders which have registered 1,260 and 2,836 working hours, respectively. He is highly satisfied with the performance of the machine. It was suggested by the user to trade-in his old machines for new ones. The Team readily agreed with the suggestion.
Next stop was a rice factory in Suphan Buri at the North Center part of Thailand. The factory has two units XG932III with Extended Arm & 2.2 cubic meter Hopper Loaders. The user suggested to the Team to improve the air conditioning system, the wet brake configuration and the hydraulic system. The Team took note of the advice which was useful for XGMA R&D. The Team, like in other areas that they visited, gave valuable tips to the user on how to improve the operation and maintenance of the equipment at site.
On the last stop, the Team visited another rice factory in Nong Bua Lam Phu in the North Eastern part of Thailand. The customer uses an XG932III Loader for turning over and mixing, improving material pile and partial loading operation. The Team and the user exchanged some ideas regarding the service and maintenance of the machine.
Consequently, the rice factory customers in the Mid-West and North Eastern part of Thailand were happy with XGMA CARE Teams visit and placed additional orders of XGMA machines at site.
The objectives of the XGMA CARE were achieved during the tour. Some of them were, caring for existing customers, finding out customers’ demands, promotion of market sales. The Team was able to get feedback on the local working conditions for the improvement of wheel loader designed for rice mill factories.