XGMA CARE Philippines Visit

TRANSEQUIP and XGMA CARE Team in a quarry in Montalban

TRANSEQUIP and XGMA Team performing after-sales service

XG932III Wheel Loader operating at a rice mill in Nueva Ecija

XGMA CARE Team visited TRANSEQUIP a 4S Dealer in Manila, Philippines. The Team conducted training on operation with the Service Team of the dealer. Maintenance and common failures were discussed to improve handling of customer which leads to customer satisfaction.
The team together with the Dealer’s Service Team visited a customer who purchased and uses two XGMA Loader units model XG955III for its broken glass operation site in Manila. Previously, the user utilized a used Japanese Brand. He switched to XGMA because of the distinct advantage in price, accessories and after-sales service. After three months of operation, the two machines registered 900 working hours of excellent performance. The user implements a three shift system, thus service technicians of XGMA coordinated with the engineers of Dealer to train operators to improve operation, maintenance and simple repairs of the said model.
Next, the XGMA CARE Team with the Dealer Service Team visited the first among the buyers of Transequip in a quarry in Montalban, Rizal. The operator, who owns two quarries in the area, is a satisfied owner of XGMA Wheel Loader model XG955III due to its excellent performance and good after-sales service. At site, the Team performed minor repairs on the unit.
After Manila, the Team proceeded to Nueva Ecija, a province in the Central Luzon Region. The Team visited a large-scale rice factory. The client uses XGMA Wheel Loader model XG932III. The owner noted that he was satisfied with the performance of the machine and the after-sales service of the Dealer for the past 6 months. He expressed willingness to recommend the XGMA Brand for Loaders as well as Forklifts.
Particularly in the Philippines, the Team learned from the Dealer as well as the customers by way of feedback. An example of this is the improvement on the rear balancing weight departure angle of Loaders. The Team also learned that among Chinese Brands, XGMA continuous to enjoy market acceptability. This is augmented by Transequip’s focus on customer care by way of excellent after-sales service and service technicians’ regular visits to customers. This will definitely improve XGMA’s market share in the Philippines.