XGMA CARE Taiwan Visit


XG918 Wheel Loader in operation at the Recycling Plant in Yunlin

The first XGMA Wheel Loader in Taiwan which registered 5,000 hours trouble-free

XG530 Lifting a well shutter

On August 15, 2011, the XGMA Team with the participation of International Business Department, Wheel Loader Department, and Forklift Truck Department to Taiwan for the second stop of the tour of Southeast Asia. The Team visited the dealer network and customers in Taipei, Xinbei, Taoyuan, Yilan, Hsin Chu and Miaoli County. The purpose of the Team’s visit was to gather customers’ opinions and solve old recurring problems with view of providing solutions. In the process, this would help improve the demand for the XGMA products in Taiwan.
The Taiwan market is dominated by the used and refurbished machines from Japan, particularly the Kawasaki Brand. However, XGMA enjoys a great advantage in terms Taiwan’s proximity to Xiamen, where the main office is located. Moreover, there is no language barrier between Taiwan and Xiamen.
After extensive discussions regarding sales and marketing strategies with the dealers, the Team proceeded to the user of an XG918 Wheel Loader at a coal and sand shipment leveling off work site in the port of Taipei. The user revealed to the Team that XGMA products enjoy higher efficiency performance than the Japanese second-hand equipment counterpart. However, the user suggested some minor improvements on the product.
The Team then proceeded to Taoyuan where they visited the user s of XG958 Wheel Loader at the sandstone work site. The Team encountered some noise problems on the machines. This was readily solved as the Team gave basic maintenance instructions to the users. Through a thorough discussion with the users, it was concluded that communication is the key to good after-sales service of the equipment.
From the Northern part of the region, the Team came to Yilan to revisit the users of the first XG955III that was delivered to Taiwan. The machine which works at the sandstone factory has registered a total of over 5,000 working hours. The users were quite satisfied with the performance of the machine as he encountered only minor problems. They suggested to the Team to adopt the methods being used by the top brands from Europe, USA, Japan and Korea such as immediate completion of after-sales documents and implementation of after-sales electronic data system.
The XGMA CARE Team visit to Taiwan also aimed at understanding the demands for the use of forklifts and their possible modifications. With the feedback of users and on-site inspection of equipment, XGMA CARE Team believed that the direction of the development will lead to the promotion of high performance and low pollution forklift machine models. The high expectations of the Taiwanese impressed and moved the XGMA CARE Team.