XGMA CARE Vietnam Visit

On July 28, 2011, XGMA CARE was officially launched with Vietnam as the first leg in the itinerary. Members of the XGMA Wheel Loader Department, Road Construction Machinery Department and other excellent engineers comprised the team. The team drove to the base camp of dealers in Hanoi (Excado Vietnam Co., Ltd.) has been a partner of XGMA for over three years. They have comprehensive knowledge of XGMA product/service. They recognize the stability of the product and the service support of XGMA. During the visit, they pointed out some of their difficulties regarding the after-sales service to the XGMA CARE Team. They were quick to give some suggestion for the improvement of the product as well as the service of the product. For this, the Team was very grateful for the first-hand local market information given by the dealer.
The Team then travelled to Lao Cai Province which is adjacent to Yunnan Province in China. They met with Mr. Ha, a director of a sandstone factory in that province. Mr. Ha attested that after using forty (40) units of XGMA heavy equipment for over a year, he affirmed the stability, quality, high efficiency and low cost of maintaining the said equipment. This prompted him to sell XGMA products in the area. Mr. Ha opened a 4S Store in 2010 with a complement of a good marketing team as well as service team. He was happy to note that selling XGMA products was quite profitable. His service team gained a lot from the training conducted by XGMA CARE Team. The Care Team also conducted a two day service exchange and service training for the Lao Cai secondary marketing channel with the idea of laying a solid foundation for future expansion.
Next stops were Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Hatinh and Quang Binh which are all situated in the North Central Vietnam. These provinces have abundant mineral resources and they are great potential market for heavy equipment. There are six (6) XGMA outlets with strong marketing and service teams. One of the local Service Managers who has 22 year experience in machinery service noted that XGMA products had the lion’s share of the market. XGMA boasts of the advantages of its products in terms of quality and high operating efficiency over the other products available locally. Moreover, XGMA has the capacity of providing machine parts within 24 hours.
The Care Team then proceeded to Thua Thien Hue Province where a there was a big client for twenty (20) XGMA loading machine units. Under extreme conditions, these machines work on an average of 10 hours a day in a waste disposal plant. To ensure sound operation of said equipment, XGMA service personnel adopted measures for their regular maintenance.
The last stop was Ho Chi Minh City. In the southern part of Vietnam, Chinese Machinery brands are not popular. XGMA has to make a good impression on the market and make a differentiation against competition by providing excellent after-sales services and all out caring for its customers. Four years ago, a tile factory which purchased one unit wheel loader XG955. Said machine is still operational after 10,000 hours incurring minor problems. Being completely satisfied with the performance of the loading machine, the factory acquiredfour more XGMA units to beef up its operations.


Service Engineer inspects XGMA equipment

Service Engineers inspects XGMA equipment in the rain