XGMA plays active role in Iran’s earthquake rescue

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit Iran's northwestern province of East Azerbaijan on August 11, 2012, claiming lives of more than 300 people and injuring more than 3000. XGMA’s Iranian dealer Sadaf Machine responded to the earthquake quickly the next day by immediately sending machines and operators to join the rescue operations in the town of Varzaghan near the City of Ahar and the provincial capital of Tabriz. More than 80 percent of the buildings in most villages of Ahar, which is located in a mountainous area, are built with mud and very vulnerable to quake. Some villages were almost totally flattened by the earthquake, and communication service was interrupted in some parts of the region.

After the earthquake, nongovernmental organizations joined hands with the Iranian government in the rescue operations. During the several days immediately after the earthquake, XGMA’s Iranian dealer Sadaf Machine made arrangements to have the loaders and excavators in stock of XGMA’s secondary dealer closest to Ahar, which was hit hard by the earthquake, used for rescue operations and clearing the collapsed buildings. As an operator who has received operation & maintenance trainings from XGMA, Mr. Ali also arrived at the affected area the night after the earthquake together with his machine and immediately joined the rescue work. During daytime, Mr. Ali was busy operating his XGMA loader to clear the collapsed buildings in a place not far from the makeshift tents; during nighttime, he would also do some simple things with the loader such as removing silt from road.

Local villagers and rescuers really appreciated Sadaf’s selfless help. They believed that with the help of XGMA’s machines and the rebuilding program of the government, the villagers would be able to move in to new homes soon.

XGMA’s leading wheel loader XG958 was the major machine used in the rescue operations. With its powerful traction and breakout force, the machine is very efficient, helping to ensure the schedule and efficiency of the rescue work. The high-performance excavator XG821 was also involved in the rescue operations. Sadaf’s headquarters sent 2 volunteer rescuers and 1 operator to Varzaghan, to help with the rescue work as well as equipment operation and testing.

After this, many more XGMA machines would be assigned to the area, and XGMA and its Iranian dealer would get actively involved in the rebuilding program recently announced by the Iranian government, to arrange adequate number of machines and come up with an overall rescue plan in accordance with the rebuilding program, to help people affected by the disaster rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

Hassan Ghadami, head of Iran's National Crisis Management Organization, said that the government will build 20000 quake-proof houses in the affected areas for people who lost their home during the earthquake. At the same time, the country’s Vice President also said that the government will back off from its earlier decision and accept international aid.
The head of XGMA’s overseas operations said that XGMA has had friendly cooperation with Sadaf for several years, and will continue to ensure the timely supply of high-quality and high-performance machines and accessories, to live up to the trust of the Iranian people and related government organizations in XGMA’s products.

Besides the earthquake in Iran, XGMA’s products were also involved in the rescue operations of other natural disasters such as the tsunami in the Philippines, the earthquake in Wenchuan, China’s Sichuan Province, and the earthquake in Yushu, China’s Qinghai Province. Each time after the disaster, XGMA would be able to take action in the earliest time possible, and both its China headquarters and local dealers could put together the manpower and equipment needed to join the rescue operations as soon as possible. XGMA’s equipment was responsible for saving the life of many survivors during the past earthquake rescue operations, demonstrating the spirit of ‘courageous’ of XGMA. This attitude has inspired many XGMA dealers. The sense of social responsibility and the respect for life have enabled them to work together in disaster relief actions.